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Play Stay Frosty Online

Last Updated April 25, 2008 to JStella 0.931

    Stay Frosty - Quick Play Instructions
  • Click RESET
  • Use left and right cursor keys to control direction.
  • Hit SPACE to jump, hold down for higher jump
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TV by Nathan Strum

TV Type
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Stay Frosty
off b•w b b

    Game Play Basics
  • Run over fireballs to extinguish them.
  • Extinguish all fireballs to enable exit for next level.
  • Collect ice to rebuild yourself.
  • The sun melts both you and the ice.
  • As the ice melts, you'll need to collect more to compensate.
  • Earn a level bonus by collecting all the ice.

There's an issue with JStella and Stay Frosty - the starfield on the first level shows up as lines instead of stars.

JStella Controls
Key Atari Equivalent Medieval Mayhem's use
F1 Reset Start new game
F2 Select Return to Main Menu(not present in stand-alone version of Stay Frosty)
F3 black-and-white mode not used
F4 color mode not used
F5 left player difficulty B not used
F6 left player difficulty A not used
F7 right player difficulty B not used
F8 right player difficulty A not used
Arrow keys left joystick directions only left & right are used by Stay Frosty
Space Bar Fire button Make Frosty Jump