Houston Real-Time Traffic Maps for RAZR V3

I find the Houston Real-Time Traffic Map to be very useful to check the traffic before I head into town. They've added a new smaller map for mobile devices.

The small map looks great on my RAZR V3, but you have to scroll down to see the map which is painfully awkward to do.

I've made my own version of the map page that puts the map at the top, and a new legend as the original gets cut off the bottom of the RAZR's display.

New Legend Original Legend

For some reason the RAZR does not display the HTML page properly unless a WML page was loaded before it. WML pages don't allow GIF graphics, so the map cannot be done as a WML page. So I've set up a WML page to auto-forward to the HTML page and everything works fine on my phone.

Houston Traffic Maps for Mobile devices
Region HTML page WML page(for RAZR)
Overall Map spiceware.org/traffic.html spiceware.org/traffic.wml
North West spiceware.org/trafficnw.html spiceware.org/trafficnw.wml
North East spiceware.org/trafficne.html spiceware.org/trafficne.wml
South West spiceware.org/trafficsw.html spiceware.org/trafficsw.wml
South East spiceware.org/trafficse.html spiceware.org/trafficse.wml
Galveston spiceware.org/trafficgalv.html spiceware.org/trafficgalv.wml

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